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Advices of a dentist India

By Trisha Singh @singhtrisha481
    2021-06-14 10:52:33.846Z

    Toothache is probably the most common health issue faced by people. Strangely, most people ignore toothaches till the time it becomes severe or unbearable. This is a wrong approach, as one must understand that even a mild toothache might be a precursor to a serious issue. So, it is very important that one should take regular measures to avoid toothaches. The good thing is that preventing toothaches is not at all a difficult task. One just needs to be careful enough to avoid certain bad habits which are harmful to oral health and inculcate certain good habits which keep the oral cavity clean and healthy. Here are a few simple tips which can help you maintain the good health of your teeth and make toothaches a distant memory.

    Regular brushing and flossing
    This might sound trivial but it is very important to reiterate that many people do not follow a proper dental regime of brushing and flossing. Most of us develop the habit of brushing our teeth twice a day; once after we wake up and once before we go to bed. However, with time, we start skipping the nighttime brushing. As a result, we allow germs to work on our teeth the entire duration of our sleep and pave way for dental issues such as cavities and decay. Also, very few among us consider flossing at par with brushing and totally avoid the activity. Regular brushing and flossing are surely the most important step towards a clean oral cavity and healthy teeth according to every Dentist India.

    Use of fluoride-based toothpaste
    The market has been flooded with a wide variety of toothpastes each claiming to be different from the other. However, one should always remember that there is no alternative to fluoride-based toothpaste when it comes to proper cleanliness of the teeth. You can consult with any Dentist India regarding this and they will always suggest sticking to your fluoride toothpaste.

    Calcium-rich diet
    Calcium is an element that is essential for maintaining the strength of teeth enamel. So, you must keep in mind that you are taking adequate calcium in your daily diet. There are a few food items that are especially rich in calcium. It is always recommended that you include them in your meal at least once a week.

    Avoiding hot and cold food
    Foods that are extremely hot or extremely cold trigger sensitivity in the teeth enamel and in the long run, weakens its bond. So, every Dentist India suggests one to consume foods that are neither too hot nor too cold.

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